6 Apr

Deals are good 4/6-4/12 (EXCEPT 4 day deals listed at bottom!!)

In order to get these deals, you have to have a Safeway Frequent Shopper Card and Remember, Safeway DOUBLES all coupons with a face value of 99cents or less!!

OSCAR MAYER BRAND: All coupons found at You simply put in a good deed and it will unlock coupons (there are 4 coupons total and the better the deed the more it unlocks at one time-if you can’t unlock all 4 at once, just keep adding good deeds until they are all unlocked-you can only print ONE COUPON per Facebook account, but if you have multiple accounts/people in your house with accounts, there is NO LIMIT to the amount of these products you can buy on Safeway’s end)

FREE Lunch meat-On sale 2/$4, add to that a $2/1 coupon

50cents pkg Hot dogs-On sale $2pkg, add 75/1 coupon and Safeway doubles it

$2.50 Bacon-On sale $4pkg, add 75/1 coupon and Safeway doubles it

SAFEWAY 4-DAY SALE (Friday-Monday ONLY) Not as great deals as the Oscar Mayer stuff, but not bad!

$5 3lb pkg Jennie-O Ground Turkey (comes out to $1.66lb)-No Coupon needed

$5 Safeway SELECT® Artisan Chocolate Chewie Bistro Cake 1/8 Sheet-No coupon needed


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