Free box of kids clothes!

8 Apr

Update – They are no longer giving the $15.95 credit but instead are giving a $13.95!  So it is no longer free but is only $2!  Thanks Angela for the update:>)


Sign up for a new ThredUp account and use referral/invitation code EARTHDAY on the registration form (at the bottom of the page you put your email and other info int) and you’ll get $15.95 in your account to pick a free box of clothes and have it shipped to you — no charge.

I have personally used this site before and they are 100% legit!

Note: If you did not receive credits at sign-up, email and they’ll make sure your account is credited with the free credit.


One Response to “Free box of kids clothes!”

  1. Mitcheners April 8, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    Just an FYI – They sent this message to me when I signed up for a free account:

    “Thanks for supporting Earth Day at thredUP! Unfortunately this deal has been maxed out. As a courtesy we are still extending a $13.95 credit to you to help SWAP your first box. Also note that you can earn additional credits by sending boxes in the highest demand sizes. Happy thredding!”

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