2 Blu-ray Combo packs (Cars, The Incredibles) and 2 movie tickets for $22!!

10 Apr

Cars and The Incredibles , are being re-released in a special Blu-ray combo pack editions AVAILABLE TUESDAY, APRIL 12th

How to get your $8 off Cars coupon:

Log into your Disney Movie Rewards (you can sign up for an account for FREE at disneymovierewards.com) account and enter the DVD UPC code in the “Enter Magic Code” box in the upper right-hand corner. If you have misplaced your copy, enter 786936708103 or 786936271898 for the DVD or 786936734041 for the Blu-ray. Click the offer banner that appears to print your coupon. If you wish to print it later, the banner will be in the Special Offers section of your Disney Movie Rewards account.

How to get your $10 off The Incredibles coupon:

It’s also on the Disney Movie Rewards site, so you do the same thing as you did with the Cars coupon, but if you have misplaced your copy, enter 786936244250 or 786936279979 in the “Enter Magic Code” box

Plus, BOTH combo packs come with a free movie ticket for Cars 2 inside.  Good for up to $8.50 value for each ticket.

Take BOTH your coupons to Best Buy, for $10 instant discount if you buy The Incredibles Blu-ray combo pack and the Cars Blu-ray combo pack at one time

Here’s the math:

  • The Incredibles will be on sale for $24.99-$10 off coupon=$14.99
  • Cars will also be on sale for $24.99-$8 off coupon=$16.99
  • AND $10 Best Buyinstant discount,=Both Blu-ray combo packs=$21.98 (plus tax), or $10.99 each.
  • Plus, you get 2 free tickets to Cars 2, (combined $17 value) Makes the Blu-ray combo packs come out to $2.50 each (if you plan on seeing the movie this summer when it comes out!!)

NOTE: This deal is good as long as supplies last and/or through Saturday, April 16th and they ARE NOT giving out rain checks!!


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