Coupons 80% off!!

11 Apr

For those of you who haven’t used before, Let me explain how it works, for those of you that have, just scroll to the bottom of this post for the Coupon code to save 80% on all Certificates for the NEXT 4 DAYS!!!


You go to and type in your zipcode (and sign up for an account-all they need is your email)

It brings up a list of Restaurants in your are-some you may have never heard of, but you can click on the restaurant name and veiw the menu and details of the coupon (For Example: most coupons worth $10 are for $10 off a check of $15 or more, $25 off $35, $50 off $100, but it VARIES BY RESTAURANT, so make sure to look at that!!)

Check the RESTRICTIONS on the coupon (some coupons are only good Sun-Thurs, for dinner, exclude alcohol, etc.) but this also VARIES BY RESTAURANT!!

Next to each restaurant are the denominations of each coupon (For Example $10, $25, $50, etc)

You select which denomination you want and click “Add to Cart”

When you go to the cart, you’ll see that your total is usually $10 or so per coupon (depending on the denomination) You add the COUPON CODE: STEAK and hit “apply” this will make your $25 off coupon only cost $2 each-you enter your CC# and you’re all set!!


You log in to your account that you created when you bought the coupons, it will have a list of coupons, you select which one you want and click “print”

Take that coupon to the restaurant and show it to the waiter (at the beginning, although they won’t usually take them until they’re prepping your check, but the coupons ALWAYS say “present while ordering” so I do just to avoid any issues later!)

Once they bring your bill, CHECK IT and DOUBLE CHECK IT!! Often, they include an 18% tip in the total b/c it says to on the coupon, so MAKE SURE to look and see if it’s added, so you’re not double tipping!!

ALWAYS TIP ON THE PRE-DISCOUNTED AMOUNT!! Yes, I know this blog is about saving money, but jipping someone on a tip DOESN’T COUNT AS A GOOD DEAL!!!

We use this site all the time and have never had a problem!! It’s also really great if you’re going ON VACATION and looking to stretch your dollar a little further and find some great places to eat!!


There are restrictions on how many coupons you can use in on restaurant over a 30-day period, etc. so make sure to check the rules on the website also!


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