Safeway 4/13-4/19

14 Apr

I didn’t put in the final price for some of these items b/c they may vary depending on what variety you buy.

Pepsi Product 12pack cans FRIDAY-SUNDAY ONLY-4/$10 no coupon needed

Doritos BOGO=$2 a bag no coupon needed

Betty Crocker Cake or Brownie Mix=88cents each no coupon needed

McCormick Spices/Extracts 50% off+Manu. Coupon from Last Sunday’s paper $1/2

Special K Cereals-Buy 4 boxes, get $4off+Coupon (from $3/5=$7 discount on 5 boxes, so it ends up costing $1.10 per box.

64 cents a can-Campbell’s Chunky Soups BOGO+$1/2 Coupon (from can print up to 2 coupons, so you can get up to 4 cans at this price-you have to purchase the “Healthy Request” variety of the chunky soups.


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