Food Lion Deals 5/25-5/31

24 May

Just a note: Grocery prices here (in MD) have gone up quite a bit in the last 2-3 weeks b/c of gas prices, so some of these prices may vary based on where you live, just know your budget, what you normally spend for things and that will help you determine whether or not some of these are good deals for your area!

Ok, now on to the Food Lion Deals:

They don’t have a ton of stuff this week, but you can save a good amount of money if you check out these deals:

But these 3 things:

-Kraft singles (16oz) $2.25+50/1 coupon from (this coupon isn’t available to print anymore, but if you still have it in your folder/folio, it’s good until 5/31, so you can use it this week)=$1.75

-2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 2/$4+40/2 coupon (from $3.60


-Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat (7-9 oz)

-Food Lion Brand Ice Tea (128 oz)

So you get ALL OF THE ABOVE for $5.10

Other Food Lion deals:

-Nestle Chocolate Chips 2/$5-buy 3 and use $1.10/3 coupon (from so you get 3 bags for $6.40 (that’s a good deal for MD, may not be for where you are)

-Ronzoni Pasta BOGO (here that makes it) $2.25 for 2 boxes+$1/1 coupon (From RP 5/15 and I had double inserts, so I have 2) which makes them $0.25 for 2 boxes of pasta

The following items are just on sale, no coupons needed:

-Sweet Corn 10/$2

-Breyer’s Ice Cream $2 each

-Minute Maid Aids and Punches $0.88 each

-Coke Product 12 packs 4/$10 (YOU MUST BUY 4 TO GET THIS PRICE)


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