Giant Food Deals 5/27-6/2

28 May

Giant Food Deals 5/27-6/2

-Hungry Jack Pancake Mix on sale $2.50+$1/1 coupon (From RP 5/15)=$1.50

-Bar S Hot Dog on sale 5/$5+$1/2 coupon (From RP 5/15)=$1 (for 2)

-Ronzoni Pasta on sale 10/$10+$1/1 coupon (From RP 5/15)=FREE

-Heinz Ketchup (40oz) on sale $2+50/1 coupon (From RP 5/22-they double it)=$1

-Marie’s Salad Dressing on sale 2/$5+$1/1 coupon (From$1.50

-OFF! Smooth and Dry on Sale $4.50+75/1 coupon (emailed from go there to sign up and they’ll email you coupons periodically for various items)-they double it=$3

-Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce on sale 2/$3+$1/2 coupon (from RP 5/22)=$2 (for 2)

-Fresh Ears of Corn 10/$2 (No coupon needed-I only bought 4=$0.80)

All of items listed above= $10.80 (saving $18.87 with coupons and sales=64% savings)


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