Target Deals 5/29-6/4

29 May

Target Deals 5/29-6/4

There aren’t a ton of great deals this week at Target, but I’ve listed the best ones below.  There are a few deals that you earn $5 Gift Cards for, so if you have a nice cashier that lets you do multiple transactions you can spend less this week, but if not, then you’ll have $20 in Gift Cards to use on future sales!!

-Downy Fabric Softener On Sale $8+$1/1 coupon (from RP 5/1)

-Tide cold water $12+$2/1 coupon (From PG Mailer-EXPIRES 5/31)

PLUS: you get a $5 Gift Card (when you buy both items listed above) So, after coupons you pay $17 and get a $5 Gift card, so it’s like paying $12-which isn’t a SUPER great deal on laundry detergent, but VERY good for these particular brands of LD!)

-Pedigree Dog food on sale $12+$3/1 coupon (from can print 2, so you can buy 2 bags)

PLUS: you get a $5 Gift card when you buy 2 (so that comes out to $18 after coupons+$5 gift card makes it like paying $13)

-Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen on sale $6.49+$1/1 coupon (from RP 5/15)

PLUS: when you buy 2 BB sunscreens you get a $5 Gift Card so that means (with 2 coupons you pay $11 and get a $5 gift card, so it’s like paying $6 for both sunscreens)

-Huggies Jeans Diapers and Wipes pack $2 off package of jeans wipes (from and diapers+$2/1 package off ANY Huggies diapers (60+count from$4 off both wipes and Diapers (Print 2 of each coupon)

PLUS: when you buy 2 packages of Huggies Diapers you get a $5 gift card, so with coupons you pay $40 for 2 Big Packs of Huggies Diapers and 2 218 count Wipes and you still get a $5 gift card (this is really only a good deal if you are buying the smaller size diapers 1-3 b/c they have more in the box, meaning you’re paying less per diaper)

-Kodak Easyshare M577 Digital Camera on Sale $119.00+$10/1 coupon (from makes it $109.00 (it’s listed at other stores/sites for $129

-1lb Fresh Strawberries $1.79

For the following items you can use 2 coupons on for extra savings (the first coupon listed is from and the second one, I’ve listed the various places they’ve come from) They may not all be a good deal, but it’s worth putting these coupons together so when they do go on sale you can use them to maximize your savings

-Glad Odor Shield Trash Bags 84 count $1/1 and 75/1 (from RP 5/1)-$1.75 off

-OFF! Insect Repellent $2/1 and $1/1 OFF! Botanicals (From $3.00 off

-Oscar Mayer Angus Beet hot dogs Buy 3 get one free and $1/2 (coupon from Facebook-you can print 2)

-M&Ms (9.5+oz) $1/3+$1.50/2 (From RP 5/15) $2.50 off 3 bags

-Energizer Lithium Batteries $2/1+$1/1 (from RP 5/15) $3 off


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