Diaper and Wipes Deals!

6 Jun

CVS –  You can get a Huggies Jumbo pack for $3.99 (after ECB)!  Click here for details on that deal!

Rite Aid- Get a jumbo pack of Pampers for $5.50 (after Up rewards) Click here for details on that deal!

Target – Get 3 packs of Jumbo diapers for $4.80 each (after giftcard)!  To get this deal you will have to buy three Huggies Jumbo packs of diapers at $8.99!  Use 2 $3 off coupons and one $1.50 from the Sunday Paper (if you have access to more then one computer you can print another $3 off and get an even better deal)!  So if you buy 3 packages your total will be $27 minus your $3 coupon equals $24!  Then subtract your other $3 off coupon and that’s $21, then take off your other $1.50 coupon and you are down to $19.50, then you will receive a $5 giftcard for your next Target purchase bringing your total to $14.50 for all three packages!   I also want to note that this information is based on the ad for Target this week.  However when I went to the store it said you only had to buy two to get the $5 gift card.   I brought 3 up to the register just in case but sure enough I got the gift card after 2 which made it a huge deal, only paying $7 for both.  All that to say double check the signs in your local Target to see if it says the 2 or 3!

If you aren’t planning on going to any of these stores you can still get good diaper deals without leaving your home!!  Here are some Amazon deals!
For all these deals you will need to sign up for the Amazon Mom  program (if you are already a member you can also get these deals)!  It’s free and enables you to save 30% on things you subscribe too.  You can always cancel your subscription if you don’t want to continue to get the item after the first delivery.  Also shipping is always free!
Click here to sign up for Amazon Mom (It’s free)
Then add any item that says “Subscribe and Save” to your cart and you are on your way to some great priced wipes and diapers!

Get 84 Huggies Newborn Diapers for $11.19 (.13 a diaper)

Size 1 Diapers
Get 300 Luvs diapers for $27 (.09 a diaper)

Get 112 Huggies (size 1-2) diapers for $17 (.15 a diaper)

Size 2 Diapers
Get 258 Luvs diapers for $27 (.11 diaper)

Size 3 diapers
Get 234 Luvs diapers for $27 (.12 a diaper)

Size 4 Diapers
Get 140 Huggies Diapers for $22 (.15 a diaper)

Get 204 Luvs diapers for $27 (.13 a diaper)

Get 68 Pampers Cruisers for $12.60 (.19 a diaper)  I am the queen of cheap but I am willing to spend more on these diapers for when we are traveling because they hold a lot more then other diapers, just my opinion:>)

Swimming Diapers
Get 24 size 3-4 Pampers swimming diapers for $7 (you have to use the $1.50 coupon to get this!  All you do is click on use coupon at the bottom of the page)

Size 5
Get 168 Luvs diapers for $27 (.16 a diaper)

504 Pampers thick wipes for $10

552 Huggies Sensitive wipes for $12.50
(if your child does not need sensitive wipes this is not a good deal, this is only a good deal if they have to have them:>)


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