How to save on diapers and formula!

11 Jun

Before I had my son I started looking at the prices of diapers and formula and was floored!  Baby stuff is expensive so I knew I had to figure out how to stretch my buck when it came to my new bundle of joy!  Here is what I learned…

Sign up for the diaper points programs!
Luvs – they do not have any kind of rewards program but you can sign up on their website to receive coupons in the mail.  The first coupon I got was for $5 off and then after that I got them about once a month for $2 off!  Click here to sign up for the coupons!

Huggies – inside of each Huggies package of diapers is a code that you can enter online and get points for. You get between 8 and 22 points for each Huggies product you purchase.  You can then exchange your points for toys, gift cards or diapers.  Also when you sign up they will send you coupons through the mail:>) Click here to get started with Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Program!

Pampers – inside each package of Pampers products is a code that can be entered online to get points.  Each one of there products gets you between 20-35 points.   You can exchange your points for toys, gift cards or coupons.  They too will send you coupons when you sign up for their program!  Click here to sign up and click here to get some codes for free points.

If you are purchasing formula for your baby there are a few different companies that will send you high value coupons for formula!  I would also suggest going with an off brand of formula (of course consult the ped before switching formula).  Target has the cheapest off brand formula and since all formula has to meet the same USDA restriction it is just as good for your baby as the on brand.  Click here to hear what experts have to say about on brand vs. off brand formula!

Similac – they have a program called Strong Mom!  They will send you “checks” for $5 to $20 off their formula plus they will send you a sample can and a gift card to Shutterfly.  Click here to join Strong Mom!

Gerber – if you sign up for an account through their website they will send you coupons for formula and other baby items as your child grows.  Click here to join (you have to go up to the top of the page and put your email address in) – This website sells formula in 6 packs (or 6 cans) at a time for a discounted price.  For use we used Similac Sensitive and it saved us about $4 a can!   Not all formula is cheaper on this site so be careful!

Target – like I said above they have the cheapest store brand formula and if you go that route you may also want to look into getting a Target credit card as you will save an extra %5 on every purchase you make!  Click here to get details about Target Redcard!


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