Target Deals 6/12-6/18

12 Jun

Target Deals 6/12-6/18

REMEMBER: If you have/sign up for a Target Credit Card, you ALWAYS get 5% off EVERYTHING you buy at Target!!

-Cutter Backyard Bug Spray (32oz) $9+$1.50/1 Coupon (from SS 5/15)+$2/1 Coupon (from$5.50

-OFF! Insect Repellent $5+75/1 coupon (From ScJohnson email-go to their site to sign up for free coupons! Let’s you print 2)+$2/2 coupon (From$6.50 for 2

-Gillette Proglide Fusion Razor $10+$4/1 coupon (from PG Mailer)=$6+$5 gift

card when you buy 2=$7 (when you use 2 $4/1 coupon) for both

-Pediasure+$2/1 coupon (from RP 5/26)+$1.50/1 coupon (from$2.89 (for a 4 pk) or $6.49 (for 6pk)

Not Great Deals, but if you need these items, they are decent prices:

-Sobe Lifewater (20oz) 10/$10 (you do NOT have to buy 10 or in denominations of 10)

-Coppertone Kids Sunscreen (6oz) $8+$1/1 coupon (from SS 5/15)+$1/1 coupon (from$6

-Up&Up Body wash (23oz)+$1/$3 UP products coupon (from$2.29

-Luvs Jumbo Pack diapers $7+$1/1 coupon (from sign up and they send you coupons)=$6


Formula Deal: The ad says you only get the gift card if you buy 3 of any of  Enfamil Formula LISTED, but at our store, the computer gave the gift card for ANY Enfamil Formula, if it doesn’t give you the gift card, this is NOT a good deal, so just tell them nevermind, right there at the register!!

-Enfamil Formula $23+$5/1 coupon (from$12 voucher (when you sing up at, they send you vouchers)=$6

-Enfamil Formula $23+$5/1 coupon (from$5 voucher (2 of these came together, but you cannot use both on the same can)=$13

-Enfamil Formula $23+$5/1 coupon (from$5 voucher (use the second $5 voucher for this can)=$13

You get a $10 Gift Card when you buy 3, so if you do as listed above, you end up with 3 cans of formula for a total of  $22, which is the price of one can, making it 66% off!! Also, if you do this transaction first, you can use the gift card in another transaction to buy the other items listed above!!







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