Entertainment Books $9.99

30 Jun

Go to http://www.entertainment.com and type in your zipcode to see what book has discounts for your area 🙂 The $9.99 INCLUDES SHIPPING!! This sale is good through July 4th 😉

Even if they don’t have a book for your area, if there is some place you’re going on Vacation, this is a GREAT was to stretch that budget and ALL coupons in the books are good until November 1, 2011.

For those of you who don’t know what an Entertainment Book is, here’s a the description from their webpage:

Entertainment’s flagship 50%-off savings book. There are more than 150 local editions published annually, and each is loaded with thousands of dollars worth of 50% and other valuable discounts for local and national restaurants (fine, casual and fast food dining), movie theaters, car washes, grocery stores, video rental stores, dry cleaning establishments, professional and college sporting events, attractions and more. Books also include a comprehensive travel section including hotels and resorts plus significant savings at car rental agencies and airlines. Millions of memberships are sold annually, with a cumulative total of billions of dollars in savings opportunities.

The Entertainment® book comes with a complete membership package, which includes a membership card for use at fine dining restaurants, up to 70% savings at hotels and more. Consumers can also register their books at entertainment.com for complimentary access to thousands of additional hotel offers, printable coupons, special online discounts and other member benefits.


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