Christmas in July!

9 Jul

What is the one month a year that all budgets seem to go out the window and money is spent like water: DECEMBER!  Christmas time can be a nightmare for some who are shopping within a very tight budget for their friends and family.  So here is my suggestion, have Christmas in July.  Don’t actually celebrate Christmas in July, just start shopping for Christmas in July!  You may think that is a little extreme but here are the major advantages to shopping early!

– Price: Retails increase the prices as Christmas gets closers.  There are fewer good sales and hardly anything on clearance during the holiday season.  However if you aren’t in a time crunch to buy something you can look for good deals on a specific item or check the sales wracks for things that would be appropriate for people for Christmas.  For example I bought my nieces a Fisher Price Learning Farm for this coming Christmas.  It’s original retail price is around $65!  However I combined a clearance sale and a coupon at Toys R us to get it for $17, that is a 74% savings!

– Budget – When you are purchasing gifts all year round you are spending a little at a time, instead of spending hundreds of dollars at once.  Plus when you have time to shop around you are more likely to stay within your budget for each family member or friend.  If you don’t have a Christmas budget I would suggest writing one up!  People are always shocked to see how many gifts are under our tree especially because we only spend about $15 per person (I spend about $40 on my spouse and son)!

– You can enjoy the Holiday – When you have most of your shopping done before the holiday season hits then you can relax and enjoy Christmas.  You don’t have to worry about running around trying to fight the crowds to find gifts.  Trust me it makes things much more relaxed and enjoyable!


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