Huge coupon policy change at Target!

14 Jul

This is actually not a new policy change but it is a policy they are now enforcing that I have never had them enforce before.  Target will now only allow you to use one like web  Target coupon per transaction.  So even though it allows you to print 2 “$1 off Sharpies pen”  you may only use one per transaction. It is not in their policy but is written in the small print on the coupon.  I had never read that super small print and never noticed it before.  I have been using multiple coupons for a while and never had a problem.  However today the cashier called the manager over when she saw my stack of coupons and so I asked the manager about it.  She said that due to people taking advantage of the coupons (like the gentleman from Extreme Couponing who got 100 pair of jeans free with a printable Target coupon that has a printing limit of two) they have had to start enforcing this, in all Target Stores.  This only applies to Target Web Coupons and any other coupon that says only one per transaction.

Please do not take this as me bashing Target, that is not at all what I am doing.  I completely understand why they have to enforce these kinds of rule, I was simply completely unaware of it until today and so instead of you having to go through the same frustration that I did I wanted to share this with you! The manager and cashier were really patient and very kind to me:>)


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