Amazon Diaper Deals!

18 Jul

For all these deals you will need to sign up for the Amazon Mom  program (if you are already a member you can also get these deals)!  It’s free and enables you to save 30% on things you subscribe too.  You can always cancel your subscription if you don’t want to continue to get the item after the first delivery.  Also shipping is always free!
Click here to sign up for Amazon Mom (It’s free)
Then add any item that says “Subscribe and Save” to your cart and you are on your way to some great priced wipes and diapers!
Size 1
Luvs, 100 count for $8.78 (.9 a diaper)  These come in 2 separate packages of 50 each.  These would make a great baby shower gift as you can use them for 2 different gifts!

Size 3
Huggies Little Movers Jean Diapers, 72 count, $13.29 (.18 a diaper)

Luvs, 108 count for $13.99 (.13 a diaper)

Training Diapers
Pampers Easy Up, Boys 3T/4T 60 count,  $12.79 (.21 a diaper)

Pampers Easy Up, Girls 2T/3T , 68 count, $12.79 (.19 a diaper)

Swim Diaper
Pampers size 3-4, 24 count for $6.98 (.29 a diaper)

Huggies, 552 wipes for $13.07

Luvs, 576 count for $11.19


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