Date Night Deals

My husband and I recently celebrate our 3rd anniversary and this is what we did on our night out!
Dinner – Original price $38, we paid $26
Movie – Original price $21.50, we paid $9
Popcorn – Original price $6, we paid $0
Frosty’s – Original price $2, we paid $1
Total – Original price $67.50 we paid $36 a 47% savings

Here is how we did it!
Dinner – We used  buy one entree, get one free coupon we got in the mail!   Always look for coupons online and in your mailbox, also you can use!  This site will sell you high valued coupons for a fraction of the cost.  Right now you can get a coupon for$25 off at select restaurants for only $2!  Also Groupon and Living Social are other great websites to join for restaurant discounts.  These sites will sell gift certificates at discounted price, for example you can buy a $40 gift card for $20!   So check them out and see if there are any deals in your area!

Movie – There are not a lot of deals for movies but we were able to get in on a great deal on Groupon!  This deal is no longer going on but it is another good reason to join Groupon!  Also at most theaters if you go to a movie before 6pm you get a matinee price.  So if you are going out on a Saturday why not go to an early movie and get dinner after that?

Popcorn – Regal theaters are giving away 1 million bags of popcorn this summer! Note that you have to have a smart  phone to participate! Click here to see how you can get the free popcorn!

Frosty – This coupon was on the back of a ticket from a football game that we had attended.  You would be suprised how many tickets to high school and college athletic games have coupons on the back.  So don’t toss them before turning them over to see if there is a coupon!

Babysitting – this is the biggest cost of going out if you have kids.  We are lucky to have family and friends that will watch our son for free.  If you don’t have family why not swap babysitting with another couple?


One Response to “Date Night Deals”

  1. Sheila Shorkey June 28, 2011 at 4:06 am #

    It truly works!!! and fun too!!

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