The first thing you will need to do is get a CVS store card and always  make sure they scan it before you start your transaction!

After you have a CVS card you need to know about a few things to get good deals at CVS:

Extra Care Bucks (ECB):   EBC are offered each week for different items and are the new kind of “rebate”.  So let’s say you buy a Venus razor that is advertised for $3 after you get $3 in ECB.   So when you buy the item you will have to pay $6 but you will receive $3 ECB to spend on your next purchase making the razor $3 after ECB. The ECB will print off on the bottom of your receipt.  That part of the receipt is like a gift card, you can use it for anything you want to buy at CVS.  The first time you go to CVS you may spend a lot out of pocket but get a lot of ECB that can be used the next week and so the cycle of using ECB begins!  Make sure when using ECB you ALWAYS give them to the cashier before you submit any kind of payment!  After you run your credit or debit card they can not take your ECB!

CVS will allow you to combine coupons on things you are getting ECB on!  So if you are buying something for $4 and you get $3 in ECB and you use a $1 off coupon when you buy it, it’s FREE!

CVS also takes manufacturers coupon and a CVS store coupon on any item (and you will still get your ECB)!

Also remember that if you have to spend $10 to get $3 in ECB that $10 is before the coupons are taken off!

CHECK your receipt!  Just yesterday my ECB did not print off at the end of my receipt.  If that happens go right back to the register and they will correct it (DON’T be shy)!


CVS does not have an official coupon policy online.  If you would like one you have to request one from CVS’s Customer Service!


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