Food Lion 101

Food Lion 101: (

In order to get the advertised deals at Food Lion, you do have to sign up for a frequent shopper card.  It is FREE.

You may not see a Food Lion circular in your Sunday paper, don’t worry, no one stole it, it’s simply that they send out (in the mail) their circulars, which usually arrive on Tuesdays. They are available online starting the Wednesday the sales begin also.

Commonly Used Promotions:
They also (sometimes) have a promotion called “The BIG DEAL”, which can save you A LOT of money if you pay attention and use it in conjunction with coupons.  How it works is there are certain Items that they put under the “BIG DEAL” umbrella-if you buy any 10 of these items (not 10 of the same thing, but ANY 10, you save $5) Buy any 20 of the BIG DEAL items and save $10, or Buy any 30 BIG DEAL items and save $15 on your whole grocery bill INSTANTLY.  This program is nice because you don’t have to come back to save the money, you save it right then!

BEWARE of the “Buy-one-Get-one” deals they have! Sometimes, if combined with coupons they really are a great deal, BUT a few things to remember about this in order to maximize the your savings and make sure you’re getting a deal:

1.)  They don’t usually list the price of the item in the circular, so it’s possible that even though you’re getting one free, it still is more-For Example: Kraft Cheese (8oz shredded) was part of the BOGO, but they wanted $3.79 for one package, meaning, you are actually paying $1.90 per package when you can get the store brand (which is a 10 oz. package) for $1.80.  Not a huge difference, but think about how much those 10 cents add up over time!

2.)  They won’t let you use coupons on the free item (this may not always be the case, it depends on the store, but my store will NOT honor coupons on the “free item”)

3.)  You have to NEED 2 of the item-if you end up not using both, then you just paid full price for one, which isn’t a good deal!

Click here for Food Loins Full Coupon policy


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