Print Coupons

There are many different websites that you can print coupons from.  You will have to download a  “Coupon Printer” the first time you do it.  It doesn’t take long but it has to be done to print them.  When you try to print it for the first time all the instructions on how to install the “Coupon Printer” will come up.   Follow the instructions and you are good to go!

Here are my favorite places to print coupons from: – You do have to make a username and password to print coupons from this site – These coupons are only good at Target but you can combine them with a manufacturers coupon to get great deals!

These are my overall favorites.  I would suggest if you have a product you really like that you visit their website and see if they have any coupons available!

NOTE: If you’re using these sites on a Mac, make sure you’re accessing the internet through Safari, Firefox on the Mac does not allow you to print the coupons.

This site is one that allows you to enter your frequent shopper cards (MVP card from  Food Lion, Safeway, Rite Aid, etc.) and you actually add the coupons to the card, so when they scan your card at the register, along with the applicable item, it takes that coupon off your total, but there is no need to print or clip any coupons! It’s quick, easy, and free to register! When you go to the site, you enter your local zipcode and it will give you a list of the stores that participate!


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