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Having a baby can get VERY expensive, Especially when you start to add up everything you need to make sure your baby is safe, comfortable, and entertained! The goal of this page is to help you understand how much baby items cost new, which ones you can get used and what a good price is for various used items, and which stores are the best for registries/sales on the items you should buy new!!

I know some people think that buying things for baby used sounds like a terrible idea, but let me give you a few reasons why it’s a great idea, other than saving money!!

1.) You have to wash EVERYTHING before you use it, whether it’s new or not, so buying new doesn’t save you any time/effort in that respect.

2.) If you’re planning on having multiple children, you’re probably not going to buy new for baby #2, so that means it’s used at that point anyway!!

3.) The baby DOESN’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!! Your baby will not think you love him/her any less b/c the swing they’re in was used by someone else first!!

4.) One diaper explosion (trust me, there will be MANY) and it’s “used”  anyway!!

5.) Your baby may not like the swing, bouncer, etc. so at least you can re-sell it, instead of taking it out of the box, putting it together, not being able to take it back and having to sell it for a loss!!

Cost of Baby Items new (at Target/Walmart)

Breast Pump (Medela) $280

Crib-$150-$300 depending on finish/style

crib mattress-$50-$100

changing table-$80-$130 depending on finsh/style

Changing pad-$15

baby monitor-$20-40 (depending on type)

glider or rocker – $125

nursing pillows-(boppy brand) $40 (plus $10 per cover)

mobile-Fisher price light up/remote mobile-$40

diaper disposable system (diaper champ) $40

stroller or travel system-Graco (avg) $150, Baby trend (avg) $180

Additional Car Seat base-$40

infant carrier or sling-$30-$50

umbrella stroller-$15-$30

play yard (Pack-n-play) Graco $70-$150

highchair -$50

bouncer seat-$20-$40

activity center/baby gym mat-$25-$50

swing-Fisher Price $125

jumper-Fisher Price $90

bottle warmer-$30

So, now that you know what things cost new, let’s talk about what you CAN buy used and where you can find a good deal!

I recommend, Ebay (depending on the size of the item, since you have to pay shipping), Thrift/consignment stores, and yard sales!

Items it’s OK to buy used:

Crib, crib mattress, changing table, Changing pad, baby monitor, glider or rocker, nursing pillow, mobile-Fisher price light up/remote mobile, stroller or travel system, infant carrier or sling, umbrella stroller, play yard (Pack-n-play) Graco, highchair, bouncer seat, activity center/baby gym mat, swing-Fisher Price, jumper-Fisher Price, bottle warmer.

Things to NOT buy used:

Breast pump (unless you’re buying it from a friend/relative that you know), Diaper pail/disposal system, Car Seat or Crib with RECALLS.

When buying used, there are questions you ALWAYS need ask:

1.) Is this from a smoke-free home?
2.) What is the model/item number on this particular item (so you can check to make sure there aren’t any recalls-especially on cribs and car seats)

3.) CARSEAT-has this car seat ever been in an accident-no matter how small, you do NOT want a car seat that is expired/has been in an accident!!

How to know if it’s a good deal

Do a little research on the types of items you might want-so go to the store, look at the different bouncers, car seats, crib finishes, etc. and decide what you want.  Just b/c you’re buying it used doesn’t mean you can’t get what you want!Once you decide what you want, figure out how much each item costs-then start looking on Craigslist, Ebay, etc.

-DO NOT PAY MORE than HALF of what the item is worth new in the store!!

For Items you DO PLAN ON BUYING NEW: Use coupons-most places you register will send you a coupon for 10% off anything left on your registry, so put items you want/can’t find used on your registry even if you’re not having a shower, etc. b/c you can still go buy it with that coupon later!

-Sign up for as many freebies as possible!!

DIAPERS: Can get VERY expensive if you just go to the store and buy them at regular price.  There are a few tricks to save some real money in this area.

1.) Sign up for freebies/coupons-most sites (,, have FREE membership programs that result in coupons being mailed/emailed to you.

2.) Buy in advance-if you’re pregnant now, it’s ok to start shopping diaper sales! Let’s say your baby is in size 2 right now, but the size 5 is what is on sale, you’ll need them sooner than you might think, so it’s ok to stockpile!

3.) Generally, I would say you should NEVER pay more than $0.14 per diaper-so when you’re looking at the sales/coupons, etc. make sure you do the math (divide the total cost after everything by the number of diapers in the package to get the cost per diaper).

4.) You don’t have to always buy your diapers in the same place-sometimes will have great deals, but other times, weekly sales at CVS, Target, etc. will yield a better deal, so be a little flexible, after all, most diapers are the same no matter where you get them!

5.) Store Brand Diapers are GREAT for day care! Most day care providers (large, school type settings) change all the kids every 2-3 hours whether they are dirty/wet or not, so that means you don’t need a diaper that’s going to hold a whole lot! I would steer clear of the store brands overnight, but for quick trips, or days you’re staying at home or sending your child to day care, they are a good way to save some money!

GREAT SITES FOR BABY FREEBIES: I would suggest setting up a separate email account JUST For baby stuff, so you can keep track of the offers you’ve signed up for!! (click on the “Offers” tab and it will take you to the registration page you need)

GREAT SITES/STORES FOR BABY DEALS: (I put them in Alpha order, not order of who has the best deals)


If you join Amazon mom (for FREE), you can set up regular delivery of diapers, wipes, etc at 30% off AND free shipping. The trick to saving money this way is to see what they have on sale and setting up a subscription for that item, then just canceling the subscription once the item arrives, so you don’t end up paying full price for it later.  They also have a registry and will give you 10% off everything left on your registry starting 30 days before the due date you’ve listed!


They are typically more expensive, but have a HUGE selection at their store, so this is a good place to go in order to see, touch, play with various car seats, pack-n-plays, etc. so you can get an idea of the brands you really want when you’re looking on Craigslist, Ebay, etc.

Burlington Coat Factory:

Each month they have 15% off  one item in Baby Depot coupons in American Baby Magazine (which you can get a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to at the first site listed in the above section).  Also, if you sign up for their emailing list you can get a one time use 20% any item coupon.


If you watch the sales, you can get GREAT deals on brand name clothes, gear, and a lot more for baby.  If you sign up for a Kohl’s charge, you can get an additional 30% off (See the Kohl’s information under “Specific Store Deals”).  They also have GREAT maternity clothes, but again you have to watch the sales!! The BEST thing about them is their return policy is very lenient, so you don’t have to worry about ordering something online and then being stuck with it forever.  If you change your mind, you can simply return it TO THE STORE for a FULL REFUND!!

Ross Dress for Less:

This is a GREAT store for MATERNITY CLOTHES and BRAS-they are inexpensive, but trendy!


They have a pretty good registry system and are one of those stores that sends you  a 10% off coupon at the end of the registry-so if you register for diapers and wipes, you can use the 10% off registry coupon AND any manufacturer’s coupons to maximize the savings!!


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