Discount Stores

These stores are great to help maximize savings, but you have to remember they don’t always carry the same items, so if you find something that’s a good deal and you’re going to use a lot of it, buy in bulk! Something to remember about these stores, though, just because something is at a discount store DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE IT A GOOD DEAL!!

Nationwide: These are stores that have locations almost everywhere, so that means everyone can take advantage of their deals!

Dollar Tree: This is a store where everything is a dollar.  Depending on the size of your local store, they may even have a refrigerator section and carry a small amount of groceries (bread, noodles, breakfast sausage, etc.)  This store also has some very cute decorations, gifts, etc. before all holiday seasons, so if you don’t plan ahead with sales the previous year, you can get some of the items you need to celebrate here! This store is also nice because most of what they carry, they have all the time, so if you find something you like there, you can usually find it next tiem you’re there-there are exceptions to this-but not most of the time!

Family Dollar: This store has everything from clothes to personal hygiene to home décor.  They also carry seasonal items and if you watch the time of year right (the end of a season) you can often get clothes, holiday decorations, etc. for $1-$5 for entire outfits! Most of these stores are set up the same and if you sign up online, they will email you $5 off $25 coupons every other month or so.  They also ACCEPT COUPONS! See the “Stores” tab for more information about their coupon policy and webpage.

Big Lots: This store also has everything from clothes to personal hygiene, to home décor and toys! They carry some brand name items that they offer at deep discounts, however, sometimes they mark up the brand names to prices that are higher than what you’d pay in the regular department store, so make sure that you know how much something should cost! They also have a club called “Buzz Rewards” which is FREE and allows you to save even more and receive emails/mailers about their upcoming deals! You can sign up for that at their webpage:

Goodwill: Is a second-hand store where you can buy clothing, furniture, baby items, and other household goods.  These stores are in most areas and have items at discounted prices, but the trick is knowing what’s a good deal and what is not-for example: the Goodwill store near me in Texas charged much more for housewares than I would’ve paid to buy things on sale brand new at a regular store.  Also, they have many days where you can get 10 items for $5, certain colored tags 1/2off, etc, but you’ll need to check with your local store to take advantage of their special local deals.  You can also shop them online at

The Salvation Army: Is also a second hand store-pretty much the same information as listed above for “Goodwill” applies to this store also. To find a location near you, go to their webpage:

Harbor Freight Tools: This one is for the guys (or handy girls;) This store is great for inexpensive tools and supplies.  For Example: if you need paint brushes or a screwdriver set, this place is MUCH cheaper than the big box stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s, and even Walmart).  They often have sales and if you sign up online, they will email you coupons and sale information so you can get the best deal.  If you buy an Entertainment Book, there is usually a few coupons for Harbor Freight in there also! You can find their locations and sign up for their coupons at their webpage:

Southwest Regional Discount Stores:

99 Cents Only Store: These are THE BEST $1 stores in the country! They are have locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.  Check their webpage to see if there’s one near you-even if it’s a few miles, it’s worth the drive!! Everything in this store is 99cents or less and they carry everything from cleaning products to produce-most of which are name brands! They have a refrigerator section with products from Nestle, Pillsbury, etc.  They also carry seasonal products, Disney Character products, and I’ve even purchased Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream here too!! They don’t always have the same thing, so if you see something you like, buy A LOT of it because it may not be there next time you come back! When I lived in AZ and TX, I did a lot of my grocery shopping here and save A LOT OF money!! You HAVE to check this place out, if you have one near you-you will NEVER look at a dollar store the same way again-TRUST ME!!

CLUB 99-For those of you who DON”T have a location, you can go online and order items from them by the case (with FREE SHIPPING).  They have a large variety of items to choose from-seasonal, crafts, even pantry items! So if you plan ahead and know what you need, you can really save even though you can’t go directly to the store! You can find all that information at their Webpage:

Fallas Parades/Factory 2-U:

I couldn’t find a list of exactly which states they’re located in, but if you go to their webpage you can type in your zipcode and it will tell you! I know they have locations in TEXAS and ARIZONA!

This store has clothing, home décor, and toys-with seasonal items for the holidays.  They have DEEPLY DISCOUNTED everything-The only advice I have about this store is if you’re going to buy clothing here, STICK WITH THE NAME BRANDS!! They carry a lot of name brand merchandise that is factory or store extras, but they also carry cheaper brands that don’t wear/wash as well! I bought clothes for my daughter here that included the Disney Brand, Carters, Fubu, Sesame Street, even Baby Gap on occasion! They DO NOT have dressing rooms, but have a good return policy, so that makes it easy!

As for home décor, they have Brand Name comforter/sets.  I’ve also purchased rugs, frames, and curtains for 90% off what you’d pay in a department store!

They also offer a 10% MILITARY DISCOUNT on EVERYTHING in the store-even items that are marked down!!

They are always getting new items, so it’s nice because you never know what you might find!


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