Extreme Couponing

While there is nothing wrong with Extreme Couponing, in response to TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” show, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

-I consider myself a “moderate couponer”-as you read below, you’ll see what exactly that means comparatived to the “extreme couponers” we’ve seen on the show!

-The people they feature on the show spend an average of 30-40 hours a week couponing and prepping (and that’s not counting the actual “in store” time shopping), I spend an average of 2-4 hours a week (and that includes the blogging part of it!) You have to figure out how much your time is worth!

-The average savings/a Good deal is when you can save MORE than what you spend.  Most people who coupon save an average of 50-70%, not 99% like most people on the show, but as we said above, that’s a 2-4 hour process versus a 30-40 hour time investment.

-I only buy 1-2 Sunday papers-anything more than that can get excessive and difficult to manage.  If you can find a way to get more for free, that’s good-ask your friends and neighbors, but keep in mind that couponing is becoming a lot more mainstream, and popular, so don’t just expect them to give up their coupons!  The show features people who go dumpster diving or purchase coupons from clipping companies-this means that they are not doing what the average person does, buying a paper or two and clipping them.

-It is RUDE and INCONSIDERATE to clear the shelves just because there is a good deal! This is the “do unto others” mentality.  When I see a good deal, I buy ONLY WHAT I NEED to get me to the next time the item is on sale-which is an average of 10-12 weeks (as is the sale cycles that most stores do)

-Stockpiling is good, but not for items you WILL NEVER USE!! For example, I can only use Secret brand deodorant, so even if I can get Dove for cheap or free (which isn’t really free b/c you have to pay sales tax in certain states), I don’t bother because I’m not going to use it-I see that as leaving it for some other deal seeker who will really use it!

I’m not saying that what these “Extreme Couponers’” do is wrong, but I do think it’s important to understand the differences! Extreme couponing can become a full time job, which is fine if you have the time, but you need to know how much time is best for you and your family! And remember no matter how many or few coupons you use, you can still save money and a penny saved is a penny earned!!


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