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Food Lion Deals 7/20-7/26

19 Jul

These are their best deals, not too many this week, though.


Remember with these YOU HAVE TO GET ALL ITEMS (Even ALL of the FREE items or it won’t take anything off!)


-2 My Essential Brand Cereals 2/$5


-1 Food Lion Brand Instant Oatmeal



-Kraft Parmesan Cheese $3

-1 Food Lion Brand Pasta $1


-1 package Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

-1 Jar Food Lion Brand Spaghetti Sauce


Fresh Produce on Sale-NO COUPONS NEEDED

-Fresh Green Bell Peppers $0.69 each

-Fresh Peaches $0.99 lb

-Fresh Seedless Watermelon $3 each


Other Deals:

-Kelloggs Mini-Wheats $2+1.50/2 coupon (from SS 7/3)=$2.50 for 2 boxes

-Trop 50 Juices (Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade) $3+1/2 coupon (from SS 7/3)=$5 for 2

-Kraft Salad Dressing 3/$5 (NO COUPON NEEDED)


Food Lion Deals 6/15-6/21

14 Jun

Food Lion Deals 6/15-6/21

-Red Grapes $1 lb (no coupon needed)

-Seedless Watermelon $4 each (no coupon needed)

-M&Ms Medium Bags (11.40-14 oz) 2/$5+$1.50/2 coupon (from SS 5/15)=$3.50 for 2 bags

-Minute Maid Aides and Punches (64 oz) $1 each

-Buy 1 Tropicana Premium Orange Juice (128oz) $6.50

            -Get 1 dozen Food Lion or My Essentials Brand Large Eggs FREE (limit one per customer per visit)

“BIG DEAL” Promotion-

if you buy 10 of the BD items you get $5 off instantly

If you buy 20 of the BD items you get $10 off instantly

If you buy 30 of the BD items you get $15 off instantly

NOTE: Remember to look at the sizes and details of each item to MAKE SURE it really is the one listed for the BD, otherwise you’re not really saving money b/c you won’t get the instant savings!!

Some of the best values for your money of the BD products are

-Del Monte Tomatoes $1 each

-Brawny or Sparkle single roll Paper towels $1 each
-Gain Laundry Detergent (50oz liquid OR 31-40 load powder) $4+$1/1 coupon (from RP 5/1)=$3 each

-Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers $10+$1.50/1 coupon (from smartsource.com)=$8.50pkg

-SoBe Lifewater OR Liptons Naturals Tea (20 oz) $1 each

-Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers (12oz) 3/$5